Meet Susan Goudeau: "The Posse" Benevolent Dictator, Pied Piper, Garmin Whisperer ... Rock

Everyday Hero Susan Goudeau

Name: Susan Goudeau

Race Age: 59

Susan Goudeau is a retired project manager for AT&T. It was while she was at AT&T that he started a Facebook fitness group as part of an AT&T wellness challenge with the primary objective of a healthy, happy and active life. After she left AT&T, the group rebranded to "The Posse." As a strategic planner, she encourages everyone around her to "train for happiness." Today, Susan works with Weight Watchers is training to become a leader of At Work program. She has two men in her life, hubby Jimmy and son, Kelly.

Q:How and when did you get started in triathlon? Share a bit of your multisport journey.

My first triathlon was Rocketchix in July, 2008 at the age of 51. I first had to learn to swim so I spent 6 months just learning how to put my whole head in the water. I actually side-stroked the whole swim for that first race.

Q:Who helped inspire your training/racing?

My friend Dr. Liz Seiter did her first triathlon just a few months earlier. We met at a 3 month weight and fitness course in 2007 and became fast friends and fitness buddies. She was the one who convinced me I could do it.

Q:Who is the everyday hero in your life and why?

My everyday hero is my husband Jimmy Goudeau. I admire his faith; I love that he makes me laugh; AND he adores me and is my biggest supporter.

Q:If you could give advice to someone starting out in multisport, what would it be?

Train for happiness (whatever that is for you). Whether it’s to be competitive or just getting off the couch. WARNING: multisport can be addictive.

Q:What is your go to training/racing food? What about recovery food?

My favorite pre-workout meal is: 1 slice of Delightful 45 calorie bread, PB2, small amount of grape jelly. My favorite recovery food: Muscle Milk Light 100 (it’s lactose free) and a really cold orange.

Q:What piece of gear has been a game changer for you?

Wow! This is a tough one. It’s all about the gear from the electronics to the warm cuddly owl knit cap. BUT, I really love my Garmin. It helps me make sure I’m working hard enough (because I tend to think I’m working hard and I’m really not) and then there’s all that data to analyze (HA!). It’s also my interval maker for my jogging. Also, I would also say finding the right running shoes has been a game changer for my foot happiness.

Q:What is your favorite workout and why?

My favorite workout is Sunday Runday with some of my favorite people. There’s nothing better than being with friends to chase away the blues or doldrums. My second favorite workout is the dreaded brick (single, double or triple) because it’s hard both mentally and physically. I don’t do these workouts very often but when I do my goal is do my best and finish it and then treat myself to a great dinner that evening.

Q:What was your toughest moment in racing/training and what did you learn from it?

My toughest training moments have always been about swimming: fear of deep water and anxiety about it general. But the worst experience was swimming amongst the jelly fish at one of the Santa Rosa Triathlons. That day I had my best swim ever because I really couldn’t swim fast enough to get out of the water. Since then, I’ve known I can do just about anything I have to do when it comes to triathlon training.

Q:What is your go to workout song/playlist?

Too many to list but anything by Prince is great.

Q:Most embarrassing/funny race moment?

My funniest race moment was River Cities Tri 2015 when I crossed what I thought was the finish line but it wasn’t and the real finish line was still 50 yards around the corner to go. WTH?

Q:What do you think is the key to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle?

  • Nutrition matters (and I mean overall healthy eating 80% of the time).

  • Fitness – You don’t have to do triathlete training for fitness but find activity that you will do 5 days a week. Mix it up while you’re at and don’t forget that strength training!

  • Have fun - Laughter is just good medicine.

  • Friends and Family Support – None of it matters if we don’t have people in our lives that make us better inside and out.

Q.Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for this nomination among all the everyday heroes.

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