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2023 Race Lineup

RKF is local 501c3 Nonprofit, run by a Volunteer Board of Directors. Our mission is help make our little patch of the world a healthier, happier place.  We achieve this by organizing events that encourage family fitness, support other local programs that also promote our mission and step in to partner or assist with any effort in our community where we can promote healthier kids, families and community.

When you race one of our 5 signature events, you participate in our mission as well as support other initiatives.

When you volunteer with us we turn your valuable, donated time into something good!

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Fall  Grant Cycle:

Application Due by Oct 31, 2023

Award Notifications: Nov 30, 2023

Award Disbursements by Dec 15, 2023

Final Report due by June 30, 2024


Total Funding Available: $10,000


Please be prepared to upload your organization's IRS determination letter, your project budget, and any additional documentation supporting your application.

RKF supports local programs that align with our mission to give back to our community.  We use donations and proceeds from our 5 events to award grants each year.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our board chair at  


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Board Chair:

Board Vice Chair:

Board Secretary:

Board Treasurer:

Board Members at Large: 

Lindsey Liles

Kyle Busekist

Danielle Johnson

Gloria Wall

Adrien Busekist, Kelly Carmena, Adonica Duggan, Tyler Fasanella, Heather Finke, & Claire Willis

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